The cause

The Réseau FADOQ is launching a new CAUSE in Quebec.  Guaranteeing an adequate quality of life for all seniors is an issue that our organization will defend in all of its interventions.  This issue is more relevant than ever and should be considered as such.  The Réseau FADOQ wishes to take all actions necessary to encourage governmental institutions, private businesses, community organizations and individual citizens to reflect and find positive and sustainable ways to adapt as a society to the changes brought about by aging.


The World Health Organization defines quality of life as: “[…] an individual’s perception of their position in life in the context of culture and value systems in which they live, in relation to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns. This is a very broad and complex concept influenced by physical health, psychological state level of independence, social relationships, and its relationship to the essential elements in its environment.” So the four fundamental principles of quality of life for seniors: health, safety, well-being and belonging are fundamental. Despite the centrality of this principle, many seniors see their quality of life eroded as a consequence of aging. Guaranteeing an adequate quality of life for all seniors is a cause of high importance spearheaded by the Réseau FADOQ!


The silver button is a symbol of the movement for an adequate quality of life for seniors that has been implemented by the Réseau FADOQ. This symbolic object represents the four fundamental pillars that form the basis of a new social contract proposed by the Réseau FADOQ to promote quality of life, namely, health, security, well-being and belonging. By wearing this silver button, you assert your commitment to promote meaningful actions that will have a direct impact on an adequate quality of life for today’s and tomorrow’s seniors. The Réseau FADOQ encourages civil society, organizations, businesses and elected officials to sign the social contract and wear the silver button proudly.


Since ensuring an adequate quality of life for seniors is a shared responsibility, the Réseau FADOQ asks Quebec society to formally include health, security, well-being and belonging in all their decisions, policies, management methods and relationships for all people 50 and older. The Réseau FADOQ hopes that the action plans encompassing the principles of an adequate quality of life for seniors will be adopted by citizens, governmental institutions, private businesses and community. To do so, we encourage you to commit meaningfully by signing the social contract and wearing the silver button proudly.