Annual Silver Button Campaign

29 September 2017

We are pleased to launch our fourth annual Silver Button campaign. The purpose is to support a decent quality of life for seniors and raise awareness of the four pillars on which it rests: health, security, well-being and belonging. This year, Pierre Curzi will join [...]

People are talking about The Silver Button!

7 October 2015

During this year’s National Seniors Day, the Réseau FADOQ launched the 2nd edition of its Silver Button campaign which promotes an adequate quality of life for all seniors in Quebec. [...]

A reduction in societal worries for a better quality of life

7 October 2015

The Silver Button is an initiative which aims to sensitize the population to an adequate quality of life for seniors in Quebec. The Réseau FADOQ recently published a press release regarding the extent of the budget cuts made to improve public finances. These measures [...]